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Professional Profile (CV) William Novotny

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Professional Affiliations and Certifications

International Society of Appraisers (ISA), Current Accredited Member (ISA AM), 1996; requalified through 2022
Current National AQB Certified USPAP Instructor: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) 2002-Current

Partner: Appraisal Course Associates with David Maloney: online 7 Hour USPAP Update Webinars 2016- Current

Authored online personal property USPAP Update Courses ( 2008/2009, 2010/2011, 2012/2013, 2014/2015
Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies, 2008: (see:

Equivalent Sampling: The Valuation of Loss Claims with Limited Property Descriptions (2008)
USPAP and the Personal Property Appraiser, coauthor (2008)
When Does USPAP Require a Competency Disclosure? (2011)
The Market Shift Factor in Valuation Disputes: A Basis for a Statistical Solution (2014)
Large Loss Claims – The Market Shift Factor: Justifications for a Statistical Solution (2014)

Education & Advanced Training
University Undergraduate and Graduate Work: 1971-1979, UCR, CSULA and USC
Certified Graduate of College of Appraisers, 1993, 10 courses (20 days)
ISA Core Courses 101, 102, & 103, nine days, 1996  
Fine Arts & Antiques Restoration & Conservation, 1996, one day
New Math of Art and Architecture Appraisal, 1996, one day    
ISA Specialty Course 201: Antiques & Residential Contents, 1997, six days
Harnessing the Power of Insurance Appraisals, 1997 one day
Estate Settlement -What They Forgot to Teach You, 1998 one day
IRS Rules & Regulations: Appraisal Report Writing Seminar and Workshop, 1999, two days
Antiques: Looking Beyond Value: How to Analyze Originality of Furniture, 2001, one day
Completed biannual AQB-USPAP Instructor Re-Certification courses from 2004 through 2019
Insurance, Appraisers and the Law: Fine and Decorative Arts, UCI, 2002, two days
Personal Property Evaluation – Legal and Commercial Environment, ASA/UCI, 2003, three days
Art Glass for the Generalist Appraiser, 2003, one day
19th Century American Country Furniture & Decorative Arts, 2004, one day
AQB-USPAP Instructor Re-Certification, 2005/2007/2009/2011/2013, one day – current to 2016
IRS Symposium: Practicing Before the IRS – A Guide for Personal Property Appraisers, 2008, one day
Collectors Conference: 2001, 2005/6, one day
Sharpening Your Appraisal Tools, 2010, ASA, half day
ISA Annual Conference, 2018 (3 days) and Advanced Appraisal Methodology, 1 day, 2018

Related Experience

1979-2000: owned Novotny's Antiques
1993-2000: exhibited at antique shows and Los Angeles area antique malls
1990 to 1996: furniture restoration services
1988-2015 Estate Sale Agent/Partner
1993-current: Personal Property Appraisal Services

Teaching Experience, Lectures, and Community Support Appearances            
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice” (15 Hour and 7 Hour Update) 1997-2012
Appraisal Report Writing” 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002; “Appraisal Theory” 2002, “Appraisal Methods” 2002
Appraising Personal Property: Theory, Methodology and Report Writing - A Fully Integrated USPAP Approach” 2011, Three days
Collectors Conference Lectures: “Appraiser’s Role” 2001, “Expert Witness” 2005, 2006
KABC - TV's evening news Consumer Spot with Rick Romero, 1999
Please, Please,… Don’t Throw That Out” Pasadena Museum of History, expert panel, 2009/2010/2011