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Find the best appraiser to solve your appraisal needs, not the closest. Travel time is usually under an hour for most Los Angeles County and Orange County cities.  William Novotny, located in San Gabriel, will travel throughout Southern California to solve your personal property appraisal problems. He regularly serves clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. He provides appraisal services in Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Diego. He serves local mountain, beach and desert communities. He has served clients nationwide as an expert witness when property cannot be inspected or when a nationwide client requests his appraisal services for an online appraisal or arranges for an out of state appraisal.

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Bill Novotny is a competent antiques appraiser with 38 years of personal property appraisal experience. He is a complete residential contents appraiser and household goods appraiser. He is familiar with most types of personal property, including the very rare and unusual objects, as well as common ordinary objects. He frequently appraises complete residential contents with an oral report which includes a written disclosure form which provides context so that the appraisal is properly understood and meaningful. His personal property appraisal experience allows him to appraise 15 to 100+ objects an hour, mostly without research and credibly. Clients can rely on his opinions. Contact him now. You will get the benefits of a competent antiques appraiser.

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